Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mission Rio Sambu Report

I just returned from another successful trip to Panama. Again, we partnered with Youth With A Mission missionaries to take the newly translated Jesus film to several villages along the Rio Sambu and its tributaries.  Tulio Rosales planned and led the trip along with Alex Cabezon. Tulio is an indigenous Embera Indian who was born and raised in Panama. Alex is also indigenous, but from the Wounaan people group. Each of these men are strong leaders in the Christian community in Panama, have a love for their people and a desire to see the kingdom of God established in the hearts of Panama's indigenous people.
Our team also included Mireya Arias, a YWAM staffer from Honduras. Mireya worked with us last year when our team went to the San Blas islands. I am greatful to her and the other YWAM staff for making this trip possible. God used our team to shed a little light in an area known to be closed to the Gospel. Omar and Luis were also part of our team - they are being discipled by Alex and Tulio. This was their first missions trip. Also, our team was joined by two school teachers from the villages we visited - Raquela and Jennica. Both of these women were a tremendous help and encouragement to the team. 

We began our trip by taking a van from Chepo to Mettite where we stayed the night at the local Baptist Church. Early the next morning we took a taxi to the coast were we caught a boat to Sambu/Puerto Indio. The 3-4 hour boat ride stopped in La Palma, the capital of the Darien Provience of Panama. We stayed that night at the home of one of the relatives of Tulio's wife. She has many relatives in the area.

The next morning we took pieraguas (motorized dug out canoes) up the Rio Sambu about 20 miles to the village of Borobichi. We stayed there two days and visited the people, went spearfishing in the river and showed several videos including the Jesus Film in the Embera language.Next we traveled back down the river to Boca Trampa where we stayed for two more days. The last two days of this portion of the trip we spent in Puerto Indio. We flew back to Panama city where our team split up. I went back to Chepo with Alex and Omar where I visited with the Cabezons an helped them paint their living room.

The last day before I left to come home to Portland was spent with several Embera families at Errebache, an traditional Embera village near Portobello. Mireya joined us for this wonderful Mother's Day celebration. All of the men cooked a great meal while the women visited. One of my main ministry goals on these trips is to encourage my fellow team members and other believers we come in contact with. This years trip was a real encouragement to ME.

Check out the video high-lights:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More About Tulio Rosales and the Jesus Film in Embera

The Jesus Film people just released this great video that talks about the making of the new Embera Version of the film. My good friend Tulio Rosales has played an important role as the "voice of Peter" in the film and now as one of the major promoters of the film. Tulio will also be leading our Panama Trek to the Darien Jungle this December. We will begin our trip in the Embera Village of Sambu and then go up the Sambu river to several villages to share Jesus with the Embera people.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jesus Speaks Embera!!

My friend Tulio is involved in a new project to show the Jesus Film with the new Embera tranlation. Tulio is a Embera speaker so this new project is very close to his heart. Check out the Youtube.com video. Mission Trek will also be using this film when we visit Panama in December of this year.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Date for Panama Trek 2012 Set

November 23 - December 9, 2012 are the dates for this years Trek to Panama. While several of our regular Trekkers are considering this trip, I am happy to announce that Alan W., one of MTI's Board Members, is planning to come. Alan is a linguist and is familiar with the local Embera language used by the people we will be working with. I am also looking forward to working with the Tulio Rosales family this year. Tulio and Norelia are Embera Panamians who have been on staff with Youth With A Mission for several years now. It has been my privilege to work with them in past Panama Treks.

The Embera People are one of nine Indigenous Indian Groups that live in the country of Panama. They have rich traditions and cultural ways. Here is a link to a video of some of the song and dance of the Embera people. It features Tulio and some of the women from his village Errebache.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It is looking like the Panama Trek this year will be in the fall, either early November or early December. Our Trek so far has never taken us to the Darien Jungle. I would like to go there this year. Hopefully with my friend, Tulio, as our guide. The Darien is located on the extreme eastern end of the Republic of Panama. The last 30-50 miles of jungle before Colombia has few roads and travel is mostly by river canoe. I am currently in a conversation with my contacts in Panama about the trip.

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Contact andrew@goodimpressions.us for more information about Panama Trek 2012 or Mission Trek.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Panama Trek 2011 Ministry DVD Available!

Contact Andrew Burnett, andrew@goodimpressions if you would like a copy.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011